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A Yellow Ray of Hope

November 13, 2007

Malaysiakini very kindly published my letter here.

In line with what I set out in my letter Lim Kit Siang (subscription required) in Parliament yesterday urged the government not to “politicise the gathering by saying that it’s a racial gathering. There was nothing racial about it. People from all parties and races were present so it is a national issue and not a political issue that can be played up by the ruling government.”

Kit Siang goes on to say that “We are serious in this matter, and we are not playing politics. The real question here is whether the electoral roll has many defects. We saw thousands of people in the gathering. Is the government ready to give a positive response instead of making baseless and wild accusations?”

As I asked in my last post – why is this being made into a partisan issue? If BN were smart they would have taken a different approach.

What did our esteemed Law Minster, Nazri Aziz, have to say about the rally? Ah yes, he of the imaginary Witness Protection Bill fame (erm it was supposedly all his press secretary’s fault). Also, let’s not forget that he’s also famous for screaming racist/perkauman in Parliament over 40 times in the span of a few minutes….here’s a video documenting part of that performance if you’re in the mood for some comic relief.

Well, according to Nazri it is pointless to try and understand the reason behind the rally as the “brains of opposition members do not function well.” According to him it’s all a “pondan matter”…yeah…I don’t get the analogy either.

But then…I’m a mere mortal and not a political master like he is. He’s got a great job though don’t you think? He gets to say as many slanderous things as he wants all day in Parliament without fear of impending lawsuits. It’s a perk he seems to take full advantage of.

Moving along…my apologies for the late update but attached below are a picture and a video from the small BERSIH rally (minus teargas, chemically laced water and unprovoked kicks to our necks) on Saturday. For many months now, since the Lina Joy decision really, I’ve been in a state of deepening despair over the situation in Malaysia. The events of Saturday were a ray of hope to me – a yellow ray of hope.

The people have spoken but will the-powers-that-be listen and act accordingly? Only time will tell.

Irrespective…Daulat Tuanku!

BERSIH Rally London 2


BERSIH Rally in London

November 8, 2007

Would a more transparent, efficient and effective electoral system hurt the country? Could any rational person say “No”?

So why is it that there are those in UMNO and the police who are dead set against the BERSIH rally this Saturday? Why is Khairy Jamaluddin saying that the organisers of the rally should be arrested?

Let’s ask ourselves a few simple questions and see where they lead us. Why should the organisers be arrested? For peacefully exercising their right to freedom of expression? Is what BERSIH advocating really that bad? Bad for whom? And why? This shouldn’t be a partisan issue.

UMNO should be there campaigning alongside PAS and PKR because an improved electoral system is good for the country. And all political parties have the country’s best interest at heart, don’t they? You get the picture.

The spin doctors in UMNO should take Psychology 101 because UMNO comes out of this stinking to high heaven.

I am not affiliated with any political party but I am sick and tired of reading about tales of phantom postal voters and people being registered without their knowledge. Do I want improvements to Malaysia’s electoral system? The more pertinent question is this: WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND DOESN’T WANT AN IMPROVED ELECTORAL SYSTEM?

Unfortunately I won’t be in KL to attend the rally on Saturday. But I will be in London. And there is a small BERSIH rally at 2 p.m. on Saturday (10th November) in London outside the Malaysian Students Department which is situated at 30 – 34 Queensborough Terrace (Googlemap).

If you’re in London and you want to make it known that you want free and fair elections in Malaysia then I’ll see you there. Oh, and wear something yellow!

In the meantime if you have any questions about the BERSIH rally in London please call Anwar (no, not that Anwar…) at 0776 955 4266.