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Why the paranoia?

December 11, 2007

Once again, Malaysiakini has kindly posted my letter on recent events in Malaysia. If you can’t tell from the letter, I was (and still am) a bit peeved…just a bit.

While the whole HINDRAF issue exploded, I’ve remained silent, mostly just to see how it would all start to play out. Now we know. The government has showed its hand by coming out very heavyhandedly not just against HINDRAF but also BERSIH and even lawyers whose only crimes were to walk in unison and obstruct the removal of banners in celebration of human rights.

The point of my letter is that the Prime Minister has been given an ample mandate and ample time to clean up his own party. Yet he has failed miserably in this regard. Instead he lashes out at easy targets. Do you think he deserves a second chance?

Is this flexing of muscles intended to deter independent minded individuals? It won’t. Is it intended to impress the public? It won’t. Is it intended to shore up votes? It won’t.

Despite claims that the government of the day enjoys much support and has nothing to fear it is appearing to be increasingly paranoid. Just look at how they barricaded the roads leading to Parliament simply to prevent BERSIH from submitting a memorandum to Parliament. The memorandum objects to a Bill that proposed increasing the retirement age of the EC chief to 66.

Why the paranoia? Obviously we’re not seeing the whole picture. Let me know what you think might be fuelling all this.

While you’re at it please tell me if you think he deserves a second chance.