Why the paranoia?

Once again, Malaysiakini has kindly posted my letter on recent events in Malaysia. If you can’t tell from the letter, I was (and still am) a bit peeved…just a bit.

While the whole HINDRAF issue exploded, I’ve remained silent, mostly just to see how it would all start to play out. Now we know. The government has showed its hand by coming out very heavyhandedly not just against HINDRAF but also BERSIH and even lawyers whose only crimes were to walk in unison and obstruct the removal of banners in celebration of human rights.

The point of my letter is that the Prime Minister has been given an ample mandate and ample time to clean up his own party. Yet he has failed miserably in this regard. Instead he lashes out at easy targets. Do you think he deserves a second chance?

Is this flexing of muscles intended to deter independent minded individuals? It won’t. Is it intended to impress the public? It won’t. Is it intended to shore up votes? It won’t.

Despite claims that the government of the day enjoys much support and has nothing to fear it is appearing to be increasingly paranoid. Just look at how they barricaded the roads leading to Parliament simply to prevent BERSIH from submitting a memorandum to Parliament. The memorandum objects to a Bill that proposed increasing the retirement age of the EC chief to 66.

Why the paranoia? Obviously we’re not seeing the whole picture. Let me know what you think might be fuelling all this.

While you’re at it please tell me if you think he deserves a second chance.

7 Responses to “Why the paranoia?”

  1. Justice Says:

    The whole episode looks like a drama of desparados still clinging to the staff of abusive power to kill the spirit of freedom and liberty in this country. The PM and his few stalwarts are suffering from wild illucinations to think the people respect them. We don’t. Mahatir tried all these tricks and he finally cried himself out. Now he calls himself a Paraiah. What will it be for Badawi. It isn’t a government he is running. He is actually hoodwinking the public that he has been fair to all. We know you have not. You seem to be buldozing the spirit of fairness in Malaysians, to silence them to submission, to carry on flogging them another term. God help you.

  2. farida Says:

    Badawi has become Madawi. There’s a madness in what he’s doing, don’t you think? Sane people don’t allow animals to be slaughtered in the hallowed grounds of Parliament but he did. Sane leaders don’t barricade the road to Parliament, the highest symbol of a democracy, and arrest people on a mission for justice and fairplay, but he did. Democracy is dead and demoncracy reigns! I weep for this nation as never before!

    Please don’t waste your energy weeping, farida. Instead, please continue your efforts to change things…more and more people are catching on!

  3. InEffective Says:

    No paranoia here at all – a highly effective approach with strategic control points.

    People make decisions and judgements on what the facts (such as events, expressions, views etc) mean to them, not on the facts in itself.

    Your rights of self-expression, your concepts of justice, are not on the same page as your governance.

    Look underneath the ‘iceberg’ for interests instead of reacting to positions that are visible.

    Instead of looking at the scenario thru the “lens of rights”, “lens of justice”, you would probably be better off looking at your scenario through the “lens of competition” and the “lens of strategic exclusion”.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Things are going from bad to worse. Malaysians need a saviour. Anyway, we all know that Tun Mahathir’s control was strong and he could not make changes to the government because he was thinking more about development for the country. Then here comes Dato’ Badawi who wishes to make changes and yet because of all the doings of his ancestors, he could not. If only a swap can be made. Dato’ Badawi then for the development of the country and ISA and Tun Mahathir now for the integrity of the government, wouldn’t things be better ?

  5. Crankshaft Says:

    A second chance?? You so gotta be kidding me. He’s been leading the country through a haze of slumber, waking up only to approve for draconian laws to be used.

    He honestly has no clue who he can trust. His actions and words are contradictory. In fact, I think someone is trying to get him to do all the wrong things so he will lose popularity.

    Those who have their heads buried in the sand will warm up to his smiles and grandfatherly manner. But the rest of us, who bear the consequence of his poor leadership are desperate for some form of change.

  6. Rem Says:

    The question is not whether he deserves (or not) a second chance. The real question is — who deserves the ‘chance’ then?

    PKR? I would rather eat my own pubic hairs in public!
    DAP? There’re many ways to insult my intelligence, but going for this one is not the option I would consider.
    PAS? Well, may be… a considerable choice. At least, at the 2.0% level of confidence. Not signficant, though.

    And yes, the people do respect the government — if you mean ‘people’ as in ‘the majority’. But if the ‘people’ you’re referring to are your clans and the ever-loud minority — then yes, the respect isn’t there.

    If there’s a better choice, with ‘the current state’ of our government, I’m sure the majority will be more than willing to switch. Unfortuntaley, this is only an IF. In reality, there isn’t any!

    Most people are happy to settle for less, than going for none.

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