How Long?

One month.

That’s how long the authorities sat on the medical report produced by Dr Mohamed Osman before it was unceremoniously leaked by some hitherto unknown source.  The report confirms that Anwar Ibrahim’s accuser showed no signs of sodomy, forced or otherwise.

And Rais Yatim claims the rule of law is intact in Malaysia?  A central premise of the rule of law is that there is equality before the law.  You mean to tell me that this suppression of evidence happens in all investigations involving sodomy?  Or that in all sodomy investigations the PM himself sees fit to comment and insist that if the suspect is innocent he should provide a DNA sample?  Do all doctors who issue medical reports in criminal investigations feel the need to go into hiding with their families?

Perhaps Rais Yatim has a different understanding of the rule of law than the rest of us.  Would someone please give him a legal dictionary?

In other news, the fact that the MSM took their time picking up this story has not gone unnoticed.  There can be no clearer indication that the MSM are failing miserably at their jobs – reporting the news!  With all their resources they were all beaten to the story by Malaysiakini and RPK.  Congratulations are due to both Malaysiakini and RPK for their scoop.

How long do you think it will be before the Badawi administration crumbles under the weight of the lies perpetuated by those from within?

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10 Responses to “How Long?”

  1. cinta Malaysia Says:

    If Syed Hamid Albar and Rais Yatim have the moral fortitude left in them, they
    should resign from their post with immediate effect for the damaged they had done to the image of Malaysia and Malaysians in the eyes of civilized nations.

    I suppose we may never know precisely who was behind this. At the very least, the person who bears ultimate responsibility for the investigation (the IGP perhaps?) should resign for the reasons you’ve just mentioned. Would this be in keeping with the objective of the plot as revealed by RPK?

  2. hopefulpessimist Says:

    I think they screwed it big time. The plotter of this whole thing didn’t see this coming I guess. It will be very interesting to see the lies they come up with to cover up this one 🙂

    I too await with baited breath…

  3. cinta Malaysia Says:

    dont you think the police should arrrest Saiful and charge him court for malicious falsehood.?
    What say you?

    I think that rather than charging the small fry, they need to nab the brain/s behind the whole operation. Oh look is that a pig I see flying by my window?

  4. Antares Says:

    You know, I’ve heard it said that Altantuya Shaariibuu was descended from a long line of Siberian shamans and that she had witchy powers. Razak Baginda, according to Balasubramaniam, couldn’t look her in the eye; he was afraid of her strong will. BN has been misbehaving since the Mahathir era, almost everybody knows by now, but when they murdered and blew up the Mongolian witch, they unwittingly signed their own death warrant. Since October 20th, 2006, the party has been plagued with crisis upon crisis, disaster after disaster. Everything they do goes laughably awry, whatever they touch turns to shit, all their schemes end up thwarted. Ketuanan Melayu and BN Rules Forever was their pipe dream… and now it’s turned into a nightmare. Padam muka, I say. Bye bye, BN.

    Or perhaps it was sheer good old fashioned incompetence? 🙂

  5. HS Says:

    i only trust the Allah.

    At this rate, I don’t blame you.

  6. Volcano Says:

    How Long?……. You have to ask the polis. Yes they measured it.

    Can you imagine the furore that will be created once that document is leaked?

  7. zulkifli Says:

    I am a Malaysian. I love my country very much. I am 55 years old. I am very worried and sad about my children’s future and the future of all Malaysians.
    I have asked myself and friends these questions and all I get are “short felt” answers.

    What will happen to Malaysia in 10 or 20 years time?
    When we are gone, what sort of government will our children inherit?

    Today all we hear or read about our beloved Malaysia is that things has gone from bad to worse or for that matter of fact worse to worst.

    Friends do try and answer these questions.

    What is happenning on our educational front?
    What is happenning on our economical front?
    What is happenning on our health services front?
    What is happenning on our political front?
    What is happenning on our judiciary front?
    What is happenning on our foreign affairs front?
    What is happenning on our racial front?
    What is happenning on our agricultural front?
    What is happenning on our sports and recreational front?
    What is happenning on our development of sciences front?
    What is happenning on our transportation front?
    What is happenning to our environemntal front?
    What is happenning on our enforcement front?
    What is happenning on our national front?

    Are all aspect of governenced so messed up?
    Has our leaders got their priorities wrong?
    Have they bungled in executing their responsibilities?

    What do you think will happen to our beloved country in the comming days, weeks, years? No one dare to imagine.

    The way things are right now nothing seem promising.
    Where are we heading?

    What hopes do we have that all will be well with bolehland soon?
    What if there are still no changes soon?

    What are all the f…….g ministers doing?
    We need to know as the raakyat.

    Isn’t five generations of poor governance and political mismanagement enough?

    Our population stands at 25 million now (2008 estimates) in 20 years time it may be 35 million who knows. (that is if the illegal immigrants decided to stay)

    As it is Malaysians are now competing with each other. (which they have done for the past 40-50 years)
    Malays, Chinese, Indians and other minorities have always enjoyed healty competition across all fields.

    Conceptually this is good as healthy competition brings progress and achievement to the nation.

    However in 10 or 20 years time Malaysians will not only be compete with themselves but by then they will have to compete with the illegals.

    To name but a few the Indonesians, Nyanmmars, Vietnamese, Bangladeshies, Indians, Fillipinos, Laotians, Thais, Nigerians, Kampuchians, Nepalis, Pakistanis and Sri Lankans. C Chinese

    They have encroached on our land and believe you me thay find Malaysia to be “haven” so they will do all they can to stay here for good.

    Some corrupted individual/individuals who wanted to make some fast buck had created this situation.
    I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

    Before we breath our final breath can we be convinced and assured that we are leaving our children in the hands of good, honest, caring, clean, trustworthy, effecient, intelligent, endeavouring, far sighted, fair, corrupt free leaders?

    Sad to say this will not be so.

    Looking at how things are right now in our beloved Malaysia.

    Do we want our children to read the same old political rubbish everyday?

    BN’s governance has all the while generated negative opinions. Since time immemorial.

    Please you f……….g ministers, you were voted in to
    a) represent the raakyat to the government and
    b) represent the government to the raakyat
    but instead you only seemed to represent yourselves .

    Please learn from our neighbours, see what Singapore has become, “a tiny giant”,Why so? Its because their leaders got their priority right.

    See what Vietnam has become, from being one of the most impoverished countries in the world to being one of the fastest growing economies of Asia.

    Thailand has progressed so technologically fast that they will put our so
    call “wawasan 2020” technological achievements to shame.

    The Phillipine govern has assured her citizens that no stone will be left unturn to cater an strife for economic achievements.

    Laos is challenging her immediate neighbour Kampuchea who is striving for social and economical reforms.
    Every one of our neighbour seems to want to move ahead.
    But some how Malaysia prefer to look at their “behind” instead of moving ahead.

    Who is to blame?
    We are for we are the people who put them there.

    BN leaders are so proud of themselves, indeed so proud of their PM, DPM. HomeM, ForeignM, EduM, FinM, AG, HealthM, IGP so much so that when foriegners asked us about them we dare not comment.

    Yes, friends I fear not my future for I may have but not many more years to live, but what I dread is that the present Malaysian leaders may betray our hopes for our children’s future.

  8. Rais Yatim Defending The Rule Of Law Under Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Leadership « A Total Blog Says:

    […] questioning the Malaysian Law, how others outside Malaysia not questioning the same? Related: HOW LONG WHEN WILL JUSTICE COME JUDGE’S MISCONDUCT Ian Chin’s Great Revelation THE TUN SALLEH […]

  9. bow Says:

    If rule of law is intact, why not let the court of law to judge the validity of the accuser base on evidence, instead of trying to drag God into his messy business?

  10. bow Says:

    It is ludicrous to see episode of sexual preferences of any adult can be exploited by political elites in Malaysia to become an illegal act.
    Is our freedom of choice in this democratic country in jeopardy? or we are just a democracy without individual right and freedom under present rotten government?

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