Resign Zulkifli Nordin

NOTE: This open letter to Zulkifli Nordin has been posted on the Malaysian Bar website and the Malaysiakini letters section.

Dear Zuklifli Nordin

I refer to the Malaysiakini article ‘Zulkifli defends his action at Bar forum‘.

Thank you for finally coming out of hiding and delivering a much needed press conference. During the press conference you made the claim that one can “talk about Islam but you can’t talk for Islam”.  In a similar vein I would like to make it clear that you and Pembela can talk about Muslims but you can’t talk for Muslims.  You certainly don’t speak for this Muslim and I daresay there are many other Malaysian Muslims that you do not speak for.  You and the other leaders of that demonstration have only brought shame upon Muslims and moreover brought Islam into disrepute because by your actions and words on the morning of 9th August 2008 you lend credence to the notion that Muslims are irrational liars who are prone to threats of violence and that our faith is too weak to be discussed in the open.

In a moment reminiscent of pots and kettles you chided the Bar Council for not having “learnt to respect the law, the constitution and also the views of other parties”.  Just what laws or aspects of the constitution did the Bar Council contravene?  You claim that the Bar Council are anti-Islam when in truth, the Bar Council had arranged for a diverse range of speakers including a syariah lawyer as well as representatives from IKIM and JAIS.  The Bar Council had also invited those leading the protest to take part in the forum.  Were you merely ignorant of all this or was there instead a wilful attempt to deceive on the part or you and the other protest organisers?  Ironically, it is you who should learn to respect the constitution and the views of other parties.

You state that  it was the police and not the protest that stopped the forum.  That is mere semantics as you are quoted as saying “I have negotiated with the Dang Wangi police to stop the forum at 9.30am or else we will act.”  Now you expect us to believe that the police would have stopped the forum if your protest had not taken place?  Do you think we were born yesterday?  Stop twisting the truth.  You have already threatened to “do it again” if the Bar Council attempted similar forums.

You claim that Malaysian Muslims have been tolerant living under laws that are not Islamic.  Would it surprise you if you were to find out that most Malaysian Muslims, like their fellow countrymen, are more concerned about the content and quality of the laws they live under rather than the labels of these laws?  It follows that Malaysians of all backgrounds object to the ISA simply because it is unjust on any view, not because it does not carry an Islamic label.  Do not be so presumptuous as to think you are capable of taking the lead to speak for all Muslims in this country.

You are keen to emphasise that to you Islam comes before PKR.  However, the far more pertinent question for you to answer is whether Pembela or your collective constituents come first, and in my view by your actions you have placed Pembela above your constituents.  As an illustration, consider if you had another Shamala or Revathi as a constituent.  Would you be sympathetic to the plight of such a person?  Could such a person count on your support?  Would such a person even be comfortable now to approach you?  Would you be willing to cross swords with JAIS or other Islamic authorities to seek justice for a non-Muslim?  I am guessing the answer to all these questions is a resounding ‘No’.

You maintain that you attended the demonstration as a member of Pembela and not as an MP.  Since you are still in a state of denial I provided the above illustration to demonstrate how your actions as a member of Pembela have created a potentially calamitous conflict of interest with your responsibilities as an MP.  Who would now believe that you can impartially serve the interests of all your constituents?

The only honourable course of action for you is to resign from your parliamentary post.

Make way for someone who will unite, not divide Malaysians and one who will make all the constituents their priority.

5 Responses to “Resign Zulkifli Nordin”

  1. bow Says:

    How someone like you acting totally out of common sense and respect of our rule of law can even get elected as MP is mind boggling, leading a mob crowd with the intention of intimidating a civil discussion forum attendees by using Molotov cocktail and racial slurs are unfit behavior for a people representative. Hope people power take note of this!!

  2. Malaysian Wannabe Again Says:

    Zulkifli Nordin is a pathetic example of a parliamentarian who is selfish and self serving and also brings out the worst example of a sleazy and slimy lawyer. He epitomises the core of the Lawyers jokes even though there are many lawyers who do not deserve such criticisms. He not only bring shame to his profession but the very Muslims and the religion of Islam that he claims to defend. He has absolutely no credibility. He should enjoy his short term in Parliament while he can. The only reason (IMHO) that there has been no actions taken against him is that efforts are not being wasted on him to distract the more important issue at hand ie getting Anwar to Putrajaya

    Reputation is what you in the light, character is what you are in the dark. Unfortunately you lack both. You are indeed, a pathethic human being.

  3. al-caliph Says:

    Simple advice,

    Learn the history of Malaysia aka Perseketuan Tanah Melayu. Learn about the Islamic Jurisprudence before planning to organize such unproductive event. What can you expect to bring this kind of discussion to the people on the street except that you will create tension and unpleasant feelings. I really support Zulkifli on his actions. There are more Muslims who are willing to be like him in the future if this kind of attitude continues.

    I have attended one of the event organized by Bar Council, and there speakers didn’t not what were they talking about. The Bar Council should be barred.

    The only one causing tension and unpleasant feelings was Zul and his accomplices. Since when were public discussions not allowed in Islam? So the Bar Council should be banned because you disagreed with what certain speakers said at a BC organised event? Two words for you: Grow up.

  4. LaksamanaSunan Says:

    Dear Zul,

    No matter people think, Islam is the most important! I really support you Zulkifli. May Allah let us die as muslim. No West, No East, Islam.. Islam !!

    Laksamana Sunan

    And why exactly do you support Zul?

  5. Abdul Syahid bin Abdul Rauf Says:

    Kepada Encik yang bukan muslim. Apa encik berpendapat hanya Cina shaja yang perlu PR pertahankan. Kami orang Islam juga memberi banyak kemenangan kepada PR. Zulkifli Nordin adalah pembela agama kami di mana perjuangan beliau adalah lebih ikhlas dari mana-mana pemimpin Islam termasuk Hadi dan Anwar. Menuduh beliau bersekongkol dengan UMNO adalah tuduhan yang terlalu keji dari orang bukan Islam. Tindakan tuan-tuan menghina beliau di sini menyebabkan saya dan kawan-kawan saya kecewa dengan golongan bukan Islam terutamanya orang Cina yang begitu racist sekali dn menyebabkan perasaan irritated orang Islam.

    Pendapat personal saya, UMNO aalah *expletive deleted* dan saya sama sekali tidak akan menyokong UMNO.
    Tapi kalau orang-orang Cina dalam PR berterusan menghina Islam, maka kami orang Islam akan berhenti mendukung PR.
    Saya berharap orang Cina akan belajar daripada orang India berkenaan semangat toleransi dan memahami mereka walaupun seteruk mana pun mereka selama ini tertindas.

    Mungkin orang Cina berbeza dari orang India kerana sombong dengan kekayaan yang anda miliki. Anda sepatutnya lebih berhati-hati dalam mengeluarkan kenyataan anda jangan sampai menguris hati kami orang Islam. Pandangan saya dan rakan-rakan berubah seatus-peratus bermula dengan kenyataan anda hari ini. Saya malah mula merasakan unsur-unsur rasist dalam diri saya yang selaku generasi muda tidak pernah wujud perasaan racist itu sejak saya kecil. Tapi hari ini saya mula merasa meluat dengan orang-orang Cina seperti anda. Mualai hari ini saya menganggap kaum Cina sebagai parasit negara.

    Abdul Syahid Abdul Rauf

    Not sure whom this comment is directed at but in future please refrain from using four letter words. Interesting how the commentator talks about racism and then suggests Chinese are parasites. No contradictions there…

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