Ramlang Porigi? Never heard of him.

I was shocked to read of the latest turn of events involving Ramlang Porigi.

Pretty big story I thought.  So how did the various media organisations handle the story?  Let’s take a brief look.

Malaysiakini had four stories on Ramlang Porigi with one of them proclaiming ‘Ustaz leaves BN campaign in tatters‘.

The Malaysian Insider made Ramlang Porigi’s startling revelations their top story with a story entitled ‘Anwar campaign undermines Saiful’s Quran oath‘.

However, The Star, The NST and even The Sun don’t seem to have ever heard of the man.  No reports from any of them about what Ramlang Porigi said on Sunday in Permatang Pauh.

The Star chose a rather bland headline about how polling day in Permatang Pauh is likely to be wet.  So what Wong Chun Wai?

However, the NST is still headed by a story elaborating on the two PKR Penang exco members nabbed by the ACA.  Balanced reporting?

And what of Bernama?  To their credit, they do actually mention Ramlang Porigi but they are still stuck in an alternate reality because their story is entitled ‘Sodomy Accusation Exacts a Heavy Toll on Anwar’.  However, Bernama doesn’t comment on the substance of what Ramlang alleges, but merely cite Federal Territory Mufti Datuk Wan Zahidi Wan Teh whose sole criticism of Ramlang Porigi is that he is a ‘lowly ranked mosque official’.  So what?  How does that make anything he says unreliable?

Funny how even the title of the story in Bernama as against the title of the story in Malaysiakini are entirely contradictory!

So who is to be believed?  Bernama or Malaysiakini?

My money is on Malaysiakini – but we’ll know very soon won’t we?

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One Response to “Ramlang Porigi? Never heard of him.”

  1. Ramli Says:

    You want BANANA News Agency to be fair and balanced? Ha, ha, ha!

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