About Me

Umran Kadir – a 29 year old Malaysian law student, a columnist for theSun newspaper (Malaysia) and an occasional commentator on Malaysian issues.

I have no political affiliations or allegiances.  I am merely one more Malaysian who wants a brighter future for his country and his people.

Coming from a family of doctors, diplomats, teachers and lawyers I hope that in my own way I too can make a contribution.

11 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Haris Ibrahim Says:

    Look forward to your contributions to the blogging world post exams.

    happy swotting & God bless.

    ps. you’ve been linked

  2. Umran Says:

    Thank you!

  3. LeithaisoR Says:

    Your level headed approach to the thorny headaches Malaysians have to confront these days is a welcome breath of fresh air!
    Don’t you know that flattery will get you nowhere? Er…well…it might! Thanks for your kind words, I hope you continue to visit.

  4. hsudarren Says:

    welcome to the blogosphere and thanks for your comment on my blog. I am sure the blogging world will be much energised with your views and opinion.
    I am linking you.Happy blogging.

    Thank you Dr. Hsu. Am doing the same. 😉

  5. Farida Says:

    There’s hope when you and others of your generation are concerned about the denial of fundamental liberties and the perils this nation faces.
    May you open minds and engage other young ones in discussion.
    God bless you and steer you on this journey.

    Thank you Farida, God bless you and your loved ones too.

  6. MarinaM Says:

    Hi Umran, I have also put you on my blogroll. Welcome again to the blogosphere, we need clear thinkers like you. And good luck with your exams.

    Very kind of you. Thank you Marina!

  7. Arif Says:

    Hello, Umran!

    Have a bit of time now, so I thought I’d look up your blog. Looks like you’re drumming up a fair amount of interest!

    Drop me a line now and then and let me know how you’re doing…

  8. vkii Says:

    Umran, our e-mail server went kaput. Please do send me your personal e-mail.



  9. HopefulPessimist Says:

    A breath of fresh air! Love your blog. Keep it up!
    I am linking you as well 🙂

    Thank you very much and I hope you continue to remain hopeful!

  10. The Ancient Mariner Says:

    Hi Umran,

    I dont know if you remember me, but I am an old friend of your dad who pointed me to yr blog. Have also read some of your pieces in the Sun. Happy blogging.

    Hi. Yes my dad mention you and I have checked out your blog on a number of occassions. Hope Samy’s cake tasted good. 🙂.

  11. Zaharan Razak Says:

    Casting around for words of sympathy, at least neutral, for Kamariah Ali in the uniform desert of condemnation for her, I found your website. Now I’m satisfied I’ve found closure to my search.

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