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Kamariah Ali UPDATE

March 13, 2008

Kamariah Ali 3

I was informed by a reliable source that last Thursday Kamariah received a stay of execution pending her appeal in the Shariah Appeal Court.

I have no idea yet when her appeal is to be heard, nor whether she is being held in custody on remand or whether she has been released on bail pending her appeal.

If anyone knows, please let me know.

Kamariah Ali 2

Kamariah Ali

March 11, 2008

This is Kamariah Ali.

Kamariah Ali 1

Remember her face. Remember her name.

Does she remind you of a kindly elderly lady you know? Your nenek perhaps?

On 3rd March 2008 as Malaysia was reaching the peak of election fever Kamariah Ali was sentenced to two years in prison by a Shariah court in Kelantan – again.

She was previously imprisoned for 20 months in 1992.

Why are they imprisoning her you may ask? Because she dared to profess her belief in something other than the Islam that is mandated and sanctioned by the State.

Kamariah Ali is a follower of Ayah Pin. He of the famous Sky Kingdom…yeah the giant teapot.


The Sky Kingdom

Laugh if you will. Laugh at her beliefs. But how would you feel if someone laughed at you because you believe that God chose an illiterate man in the desert to be His Messenger, or because you believe meditation can lead you to a higher plain of existence or because you believe in a god deity that possesses the head of an elephant?

Worse still, how would you feel if someone jailed you for professing a belief in any of those things? How would you feel if the government bulldozed your home while they were at it.

And you thought bulldozing of homes only happened in Gaza?

Gaza Bulldozer

Bulldozer demolishing homes in Gaza

Think again. It happened to Kamariah’s home and that of many others right here in our beloved Malaysia in 2005.

Sky Kingdom After

Sky Kingdom after bulldozers flattened it



Another view

Is this what Islam is about? Jailing little old ladies in their 60s because they refuse to conform? Because they refuse to say they believe in something they don’t? I don’t think so. Do you?

Her appeal (presumably against the sentence and conviction) was supposed to have been on Thursday 6th March. Try as I might, I can’t seem to find any news about her appeal. Can someone tell me what happened during her appeal on 6th March?

The reality is that while she is still recognised as a Muslim by the Shariah court in Kelantan they will continue to persecute her again and again and again, which is precisely what they have been doing as apparent from her repeated jailing for apostasy.

I stand up for Kamariah’s right to profess a belief in whatever she wants, a right enshrined in our Federal Constitution, just as I would stand up for any of your rights to believe in whatever you want.

My heart cries for poor defenceless Kamariah and yet all I can do is write and highlight her plight to you. I’ve written of the plight faced by Kamariah and her co-religionists before but the persecution continues and so I continue to write. I say that the euphoria of the People’s Victory of 8th March is hollow when there continues to be Malaysians imprisoned simply for saying “I believe”.

This is Kamariah Ali.

Kamariah Ali 1

Remember her face. Remember her name.

Her continued persecution is a blight on the collective conscience of all Malaysians, including your conscience and mine.

Anyone Else Confused?

June 15, 2007

Taking a little breather from revising to quickly share my thoughts with you on a recent televised discussion.

Going by it’s name, Malaysia’s Institute of Islamic Understanding (IKIM) is tasked with enlightening the rest of us about Islam. Why is it then that I am feeling rather confused after watching a panel discussion with its Director-General, Dr. Syed Ali Tawfik Al-Attas?

Dr. Al-Attas was part of a three person panel which also included Dr. Farish Noor and lawyer Lim Heng Seng. The discussion was centred on issues related to the Lina Joy decision and it was broadcast on Al-Jazeera several days ago. To my pleasant surprise it was recently uploaded to YouTube. I include the two part video below.

Two areas I’m still scratching my head over:

1. Dr. Al-Attas claims he doesn’t believe apostates should be killed. He then waffles about whether apostasy is a punishable crime.

2. Dr. Al-Attas implies that it would be absurd for Malaysia to implement hudud law. But he then questions why the ambit of the Shariah courts have not been extended to criminal law.



You decide.

And be sure to let me know once you’ve figured out what he’s trying to say.