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What is Khairy gloating about?

August 19, 2008

I am disgusted that Khairy is now gloating over the potential implications of Zulkifli Nordin’s actions last Saturday.

Hey, what are you so ecstatic about Khairy?

This is the problem with you people in UMNO today.  Instead of trying to prove to Malaysians that UMNO/BN is the best choice for Malaysians you need to run the Opposition down in the hope of proving that UMNO/BN is not the best choice but instead the LEAST BAD alternative.

What a sad state of affairs for Malaysia.

Instead of gloating, why don’t you take steps to rid UMNO of the right wing nuts.

Oops I forgot you are one of them.  Now why don’t you take out your keris, wave it around and kiss it like your buddy Hishamuddin did as you cheered on?

You’re a joke Khairy!

Get real if you ever think you are ever going to become PM.

My advice to you is to just stick to the stock market.

You have nothing positive to offer this country.