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Disturbing Picture of the Day

October 11, 2007

Nazri Lincoln

I know…I’ve been away for yonks but what better way to make a comeback than with an iconic picture?

I was clued in to this picture of our self-professed political master sporting a toothy grin and the Lincoln’s Inn coat of arms by a letter on Malaysiakini.

As someone who recently joined Lincoln’s Inn I am shocked, nay deeply troubled, by the possibility that our Minister of Fiction Law Minister may be affiliated to such an historic and esteemed Inn!

The letter writer very astutely stated that Nazri made a negligent misrepresentation when he claimed that a Witness Protection Bill had been tabled in the Malaysian Parliament. The next question is what is the remedy for the aggrieved party having endured a negligent misrepresentation?

Why, rescission and possibly even damages. How about we, the public, start by rescinding (i.e. undoing) his contract of employment as our ‘wakil rakyat’ (public representative) at the next possible opportunity?

In the old days captains used to sink with their ships. In today’s Malaysia they are the first ones on the lifeboats and they scream “No la…all my useless press secretary’s fault!”

It’s high time our Ministers learnt when it was time to fall on their swords…