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How Long?

July 28, 2008

One month.

That’s how long the authorities sat on the medical report produced by Dr Mohamed Osman before it was unceremoniously leaked by some hitherto unknown source.  The report confirms that Anwar Ibrahim’s accuser showed no signs of sodomy, forced or otherwise.

And Rais Yatim claims the rule of law is intact in Malaysia?  A central premise of the rule of law is that there is equality before the law.  You mean to tell me that this suppression of evidence happens in all investigations involving sodomy?  Or that in all sodomy investigations the PM himself sees fit to comment and insist that if the suspect is innocent he should provide a DNA sample?  Do all doctors who issue medical reports in criminal investigations feel the need to go into hiding with their families?

Perhaps Rais Yatim has a different understanding of the rule of law than the rest of us.  Would someone please give him a legal dictionary?

In other news, the fact that the MSM took their time picking up this story has not gone unnoticed.  There can be no clearer indication that the MSM are failing miserably at their jobs – reporting the news!  With all their resources they were all beaten to the story by Malaysiakini and RPK.  Congratulations are due to both Malaysiakini and RPK for their scoop.

How long do you think it will be before the Badawi administration crumbles under the weight of the lies perpetuated by those from within?