Slimeball Politics

I asked yesterday whose reporting we should believe – Bernama, which stated that the ‘Sodomy Accusation Exacts a Heavy Toll on Anwar‘  or Malaysiakini, which stated that an ‘Ustaz Leaves BN Campaign in Tatters‘.

Though perhaps we will never truly know the impact that Ramlang Porigi’s revelations had on BN’s campaign, we can logically conclude that his statements must have detracted from BN’s credibility, particularly given the reports that BN were broadcasting Saiful’s Quran swearing 24 hours a day on large screen TVs.

So while we can’t really comment on the accuracy of the title of that particular Malaysiakini story, we can certainly say they were at least on the right track which is more than you can say for Bernama, whose suggestion of Saiful inflicting a “Heavy Toll on Anwar” has been proven to be nothing more than mere BN propaganda.  While there are those who criticise Malaysiakini as being too pro-Opposition you can definitely say they are far fairer and more accurate in their reporting than Bernama (and have more cojones than The Star who on the eve of polling chose to headline the weather forecast in Permatang Pauh…)

I could not help but have a good laugh at BN’s expense when I read Arif Shah‘s absurd statement blaming his defeat on the Opposition’s “propaganda, promises and innuendoes”.

WHAT PROPAGANDA were the Opposition responsible for propagating?  That BN practises communal politics? It’s true!

WHAT PROMISES were the Opposition making?  That Malaysians can look forward to a future where corruption and racism will no longer be tolerated?  What’s wrong with that?  Perhaps if BN made similar promises and actually kept them, the rakyat would vote for them!

WHAT INNUENDO?  Were the Opposition screening a video of a coffee boy (or girl) swearing on the Quran that Najib raped his (or her) pert lil’ ass?  NO!  The only party involved in propagating a similarly vile and now discredited innuendo were the slimeballs in BN!

What possessed Arif Shah to make such an asinine statement?  On a related note, where was Arif Shah when UMNO Penang were asking UMNO to punish the people of Penang by scrapping all the projects funded by the Federal Government? Looks like the people of Permatang Pauh saw right through you Arif Shah, and your race-obsessed political party of hooligans and thugs.

After forecasting Anwar’s political doom 24 hours ago, Bernama begrudingly admits that Anwar Returns To Parliament After Win In Permatang Pauh.

By the way, I hope you’ve kept that shovel Khairy, ‘cos you should get a head start on digging your own political grave.

Congratualtions on your win Anwar.  PLEASE KEEP YOUR PROMISES TO US…WE’RE WATCHING YOU!


4 Responses to “Slimeball Politics”

  1. Zubli Zainordin Says:

    I understand Arif Shah Omar Shah. I check if he is Amin Shah. Thanks.

    My apologies. You are right – Arif Shah. Correction has been made.

  2. bow Says:

    I can not understand what that loser trying to say, anyway, since i am not against right to freedom of speech for every Malaysian, he can make whatever statement he wants to smooth his electorate losses!!! cheer.

  3. Hope Says:

    I think he has made it clear to all of us that he is not worthy of the seat. For having made such remarks, for blaming his own defeat on someone else, maybe he is neither capable of standing for the people of permatang pauh, nor he is able to work for them.

  4. Implosion Says:

    Thanks again, Umran. We live in eternal hope that every Malaysian will wake up to the truth and not settle for “good enough”.

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